What is a Visual Blog?

People research their decisions more than ever. They Google, Facebook, tweet, blog, and search, looking for information, looking for content, answers to questions to help them make a decision, whether it’s to buy a car, visit a restaurant, or find an attorney. That means your website, your social media presence, and your business is being looked at more than ever before.

So how do you stand out? How do you help give the consumer enough information about you to help them decide? Here’s one piece to the puzzle– Your Legal Reporter visual blogs, professional customized TV news segments that make you the local expert in your field, to be used on your website, in your email marketing, and on your social media pages. Your Legal Reporter videos are professionally packaged legal news segments, focused on specific topics that feature an award-winning news anchor, high-quality production elements, and you as the local expert of the subject at hand. These visual blogs introduce you to potential clients in a professional, human, and engaging way, truly allowing you to connect, and turning searches into appointments, into clients.

You post and archive visual blogs to your website and social media programs, and easily embed them into your e-newsletters, email marketing, and other practice-building programs. It takes less than 30 minutes to create four to five visual blogs. And it’s done from the comfort of your office or your board room, using our one-step, plug-and-play HD video-audio webcam.

You select specific topics from your practice area that have been developed by our practice-building marketing experts and television news producers. Or suggest a topic on your own. We’d be happy to accommodate.

Drive more visitors to your website by making your content more dynamic and creating a more powerful online presence using Your Legal Reporter visual blogs. And as an added benefit, each visual blog increases your organic presence, and over times, improves your search engine rankings. Click on the Visual Blog Sample button to see some examples. Then take a look around at the rest of the site. When you’re ready, just click the Content button. Your Legal Reporter visual blogs. Become the local expert. And turn searches into appointments, into clients.