Why Have a Website?

Why do you have a website? You want to attract potentials Potentials who need you to represent them as an attorney. But how do these potentials find your website. If they know your name, or your firm’s name, it’s easy. If they don’t they’re likely to do a search on Google, or one of the other search engines. If they search for an attorney by practice area, you need to make sure your website shows up, and it needs to show up on page one because few on-line searchers go beyond the first page. Not only do you need to be on that first page, but you need to be different from the others. Our professionally produced television news packages which are called “Your Legal Reporter” visual blogs can give you the way to be on that first page and to be different by using HD video, the newest search engine techniques and your knowledge and personality, we create a specific tool that has the potential of getting your website more hits. Your website can be ranked higher because of the amount and depth of searchable data connected to Your Legal Reporter visual blogs. It’s mainly about content. Lots and lots of relevant video content. But good content is not enough. Linking, networking and describing your videos is what makes them highly searchable. Your Legal Reporter engineers have created video templates with a rich blueprint of key words and links that Google and many other search engines use. Videos push to the top of Google search results quickly potentially increasing the rank and index of your website, but not all video is created equal. Search engines can’t find you on their own. Video must be properly formatted and submitted. This is called optimizing. Video optimization becomes the single greatest instrument for improving your search engine ranking. Videos produced by Your Legal Reporter have the complete information that search engines are looking for. Now that we’ve helped your site’s potential of getting to page one, how do we help keep you there? Your Legal Reporter gives you on-going topics to regularly update your site. Frequent addition of videos to your website is essential to keeping you higher in search rankings. We recommend adding Your Legal Reporter visual blogs to your website weekly. This will mean more potentials visiting your website giving you many more opportunities to turn potentials into clients. The customized Your Legal Reporter visual blogs present you as the local expert in your field giving you the time you need to connect and relate to new clients any time they are searching. The more time you can keep a prospective client’s focus on your website, the better. And that’s how Your Legal Reporter works.