12 Steps to Increasing Potentials & Turning Them into Clients

12 Steps to Increasing Potentials and Turning Them into Clients
1. The YLR research team reviews questions received from viewers, suggested by the news media, and develops questions based on the continually changing legal environment.
2. The questions developed by the research team are then reviewed by the news director and the editorial staff.
3. Selected questions are then reviewed by the YLR news anchor and recorded in the television news studio.
4. Attorneys in specific practice and geographic areas are given the opportunity to review the recorded questions to determine which they will select.
5. The attorneys who have selected the questions they are going to answer use the YLR provided HD webcam to record their answers.
6. They electronically send their answers to our news producer.
7. Our news producer reviews the recorded footage and instructs his team to make any adjustments to image and audio quality. The footage is then placed in the visual blog news packages.
8. The completed visual blogs are electronically sent back to the attorneys for their review.
9. Once approved by the attorneys the finished visual blogs are uploaded to the cloud server in formats suitable to their websites.
10. Their website administrators or YLR then places the links to the visual blogs to designated location on the attorneys’ websites.
11. The website administrators then take any previously posted visual blogs and place them in accessible archive location on the website.
12. Visitor traffic to the attorney’s website increases as a result of the visual blog news packages and
that’s how it works.