Your Legal Reporter Video Lighting Tips Video

I am going to share some tips about lighting and setting with you. First of all the camera is very sensitive to light. So this is what it looks like when it’s under exposed. The picture will be grainy and you won’t be able to tell a lot of detail. And then we are going to go to an over exposed situation. So go ahead and turn the lights on and we are going to add a lot of light to show you what an over exposed situation is. You will see there is a lot of detail and really a lot of white space. So go ahead and let’s turn that light out, and this is more of a normal lighting situation. Your skin tones will look normal. You won’t have a lot of glare on glasses, if you wear glasses, and a good way to remedy that is to turn the camera so the monitor is away from you. This is an example of back lighting. You don’t want this situation either – where my face is totally washed out and there is a lot of glare behind my head. So let’s close the blind and get back to a normal lighting situation. You will also see glare in my glasses from the monitor again. So I’m going to move the camera. I am checking my image in the monitor and I am going to pivot my chair and that looks just about right. So I am going to make sure that the camera is not in line with my computer monitor. Because everybody has a desire to keep checking how they look over here on the monitor which takes your attention and your eye line away from the camera. I’ve got myself framed in the camera, a little bit off center. This gives me room to place a logo during editing. It’s not a bad thing, though, if you decide that you’d rather be centered. And remember, quiet on the set – distracting noises like cell phones and outside noises and remind your staff that you are recording too.