Video TV News Anchor Presentation Tips

We want to offer a few tips on how to make this very easy and very natural for you to do. After all this is the opportunity for you to introduce yourself, so to speak, to potential clients. So be yourself. Let them see who you are; your heart, your humanity and what you bring to the table for them. Just be yourself. When you talk to the camera, treat the camera as you would another person. In other words, you’re not going to just stare at it and never take your eyes off it. You might take your eyes off it for a moment or so and then come back to it. Just be comfortable. Be relaxed. Don’t script down everything that you think you are going to want to say. You’ll just wind up going on and on. It will be difficult to memorize. Speak from the heart. We’re going to give you that “homerun” pitch, that soft pitch for you to hit it out of the park; showing your potential clients that you know what you are talking about. That you’re the expert on this and you’ll just be telling them what you already know. So just give yourself some bullet points on things that you want them to know about you and the subject that we are talking about. So go by those bullet points. If you’re sitting down, which you probably will be for the interview, let me show you a few tips, here’s an old anchor man tip. So when you get the chair, what you want to do is sit down in your chair. You want your jacket to be, male or female it doesn’t make any difference, you want coat to sit well on the shoulders. That it’s not banging up around the neck. So what you do when you sit down is you tuck the coattails under your behind. You put your behind and it just tightens up the coat and you can still sit back and relax. The camera is only going to be cutting you from about here on up and it will look very natural. And natural is the key. Speak naturally; don’t ramble on with the comments that you are going to make. Just say a few of those bullet points that you want to get in, that you think are really germane to the subject, and you will come off crystal clear and as a person that people will want to come and talk to.