Recording – Extra Tips

1.  Avoid overhead and fluorescent lights.

2.  Use natural light from a window when possible.

3.  The HD webcam is very sensitive to light and does not need a lot of bright light.


1.  Set the camera slightly above eye line; this creates a ‘wide-open eye’ and a flattering angle for your face and body.

2.  If you wear glasses, lower your chin and look up a little; this will help with any glare on your glasses.

3.  Keep the camera close to you.  A good test: when you’re sitting in front of the camera, stretch out your arm toward the camera.  It should be close to your fingertips for proper video and sound recording range.  You should see your head and some of your chest.


1.  It’s okay to choose something interesting or a setting that refers to your business.

– A painting (no glass is best), sculptures, flowers, plants, a bookshelf to the side; try not to have too much going on; simplicity is best.

– If you have a showroom or display that might look interesting to the viewer as a background, it helps promote your products and business.

– Check out our sample videos on the Home Page if you need ideas.