Practice Areas

Your Legal Reporter Visual Blogs are television news interviews with you, the attorney.  Our news anchor, with 25 years of experience, asks you one question to keep it focused and maintain viewer interest, just as he does in a television news interview.  You answer the question, and we put your answer into a completed “news package” Your Legal Reporter Visual Blog which is then posted on your website and used in your social media programs.

New questions within your practice area(s) are continually added for your selection.  Selecting and taping new visual blog questions allows you to archive your recorded visual blogs on your website.  You then have a searchable Your Legal Reporter Visual Blog library.

Our Your Legal Reporter research team selects practice-building topics based on:

  • Timeliness and relevancy to potential and former clients
  • Changing laws and verdicts
  • Continuous monitoring of on-line search results
  • Extensive monitoring of the news
  • Marketing research using focus groups and telephone and on-line surveys
  • Studying the changing legal, political, economic, social and cultural environments
  • Questions asked by Your Legal Reporter Visual Blog viewers, and
  • Questions from you and our other clients.

Your Legal Reporter Visual Blogs greatly improve the search engine optimization for your website which increases visitors who become potentials and then clients.  Our experience shows it also increases  referrals from previous clients and from other attorneys.

Click on the practice areas on this page to review the current selection.  We regularly expand the practice areas we cover.  Ask your Client Support Representative for more details.