The Power Of Video

Personal – Innovative – Professional – Credible


A visual blog (video blog) is a personal communication between you and potential, current and former clients.  This is an effective way to build your practice.  Our unique visual blog service, Your Legal Reporter, gives you the opportunity to:

  • Show potential clients who you are, how you think and how you communicate in negotiations or in court.  Let them see your style and personality.
  • Continually remind your former clients about you and your firm; they will refer new clients.
  • Demonstrate your expertise by informing the public about issues important to them relating to your firm’s practice areas.
  • Introduce new practice areas and associates.
  • Establish you and your firm’s expertise with local television and radio  news directors and the editors of local media so they will call you for interviews.

No one can sell you like you!



The innovative Your Legal Reporter visual blog attracts significantly more audience because it:

  • Is personal, interactive, timely and dynamic.
  • Demonstrates more effectiveness than written blogs.
  • Appeals to people who access internet content using mobile devices.
  • Dramatically improves the SEO (search engine optimization) on your firm’s website by seamlessly integrating with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL Search and others.
  • Integrates with social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, and Linkedin.
  • Provides video share sites content for YouTube, Google Video, MySpace and others.
  • Provides RSS feed so people can click the link and be automatically sent each new visual blog when it is posted.

No one can provide you with this innovative and time-saving approach to blogging like us!



You benefit from the professional Your Legal Reporter visual blog program by:

  • Being shown in a professional setting.
  • Being interviewed by a professional television news anchor.
  • Being interviewed in a television news studio environment.
  • Having access to professional television producer and production team.
  • Having access to one of the strongest practice-building marketing and internet savvy technical support teams.
  • Being able to use state of the art equipment.

No one can help you present your professionalism like us!



Written blogs are considered by many to be sales pieces.  Our unique Your Legal Reporter visual blog is regarded as a highly authoritative, credible source of information because:

  • You are being interviewed “on air” on a specific legal question by a television news anchor.  Being quoted and identified as an expert by the media is much stronger than saying “I’m an expert”.
  • A visual blog is content marketing which creates a reliable source in the mind of the consumer.
  • The question you are being asked is pertinent to your practice area and timely.
  • We provide you with the sources information on the question being asked which you can use in preparing your answer.
  • Your Legal Reporter visual blog is presented in a credible television news format.

No one can communicate your credibly like us!