Benefits, Formats, How They Work

Benefits, Formats & How They Work


VBS Video Benefits

Low Cost – As low as $195 per video allowing you to continuously add new video.

Time Efficient – Recording and uploading no more than 10 minutes per 3-minute video. Quick turnaround time.

Social Media – Integrates with all social media platforms and improves rankings on YouTube and Facebook.

Optimized – VBS custom videos/Your Reporter visual blogs increase the likelihood of your website appearing on the first page of organic searches by 53 times; many searchers don’t go beyond the first page.

Your Own Video Channel – You get your own branded video channel without other business, often competitors, advertising.

Create Competitive Advantage – VBS custom videos/Your Reporter create competitive advantages by keeping you the focus of the marketplace.

Compliance – Videos and players are available meeting U.S. Section 508 compliance for accessibility to people with disabilities.


VBS Video Formats

VBS Custom Video – Custom content videos  can be made from the convenience of your office, home or anywhere, 24/7.  Use these videos for any purpose including testimonials, video biographies, firm/business profiles, client proposals, training, social media, video news releases, on-line advertising, video emails and newsletters and TV commercials.

Your Reporter Visual Blogs – Visual Blogs which are professionally produced television news packages- our news anchor electronically interviews you from the convenience of your office, business or home. Visual Blogs enhance your credibility as the “go-to expert” in your field. You may use Visual Blogs on your website as dynamic content, video emails, newsletters, and social media programs. Visual Blogs are available for attorneys, accountants, financial planners, realtors, doctors, veterinarians, insurance brokers and others.


How VBS Videos Work

Complete Package – Use your own equipment; we can  provide you with the use of our HD webcam, tripod, cable, software and customer support via Skype, telephone, and email, or use our professional videographers any time, any where, in our studio with or without a green screen. The choice is yours.

Convenient – You can record video 24/7 from anywhere. You can upload your video to us from any place with internet service.

Professional Team – Within 2-3 days, your VBS professional team edits and enhances the video/audio, adds your logo and other graphics as appropriate and returns the video to you for approval.

Optimization – Once you’ve approved the video, we optimize it for search engines with meta tags, video sitemaps, invisible transcript, audio for podcasts and other techniques. Your video will be found!

Distribution – Your video is uploaded and stored on a secure cloud server in various formats accessible to all types of electronic devices.

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